"JAT ended ahead of schedule which allowed us to offer our users more items from their wish lists."  
Michael Knocke
Via Christi Regional Medical Center

Integral Systems - Testimonials

  • "I can't say enough about JAT. The help I've received from your consultants has been exceptional. No matter what changes we made with our payroll over the years, they could figure out a way to make Integral work for us. All of JAT's work was done well and on time. JAT's consultants are professional, wonderful people. I can't thank them enough for all their help."

    Colleen Hartel
    Payroll Supervisor
    Portland General Electric Company

  • "JAT's support of our Integral System during our conversion to PeopleSoft was stellar by any standard. JAT's staff was constantly challenged to implement complex system modifications supporting benefit and/or payroll design changes, usually with short notice. Whether this required working nights, weekends or responding to our needs during their vacation, they provided results that were always thoroughly researched and tested. On many occasions they suggested improvements or solutions that we had not considered which ultimately resulted in a more efficient and accurate system. JAT's consultants always kept PGE's best interests in mind at all times. They worked hard to help the PeopleSoft team understand our plan designs and system needs and proposed workable solutions when the team had none."

    Julie Wandell
    Benefits Specialist
    Portland General Electric Company

  • "We could not have done this without you. Year end was the cleanest ever. We are very grateful to you."

    Sharon Morris
    Payroll Manager
    Group Health Cooperative

  • "With JAT's help, our 9.5 implementation was ready early and under budget. It was completely JAT's experience that made the difference."

    Peter Sapida
    Project Leader, Financial Systems
    San Francisco Newspaper Agency

  • "JAT's outstanding, professional service was rendered in a timely fashion. I was very pleased with what they provided. I would definitely use JAT again."

    Jon Goetz
    Manager of Application Resources
    Washoe Health Systems

  • "JAT was so fast and thorough, they are in danger of putting themselves out of business! They ended ahead of schedule which allowed us to offer our users more items from their wish lists."

    Michael Knocke
    Applications Manager
    Via Christi Regional Medical Center

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