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eStubs - Enhancement to Payroll

eStubs allows you to email pay stubs to your employees directly from your payroll system.

Following each payroll process, eStubs provides:

  • A count of the number of emails sent.
  • A log file you can browse and sort that shows all employees receiving an email, including their email address.
  • Individual Adobe Acrobat .pdf files for each employee that can be printed or re-sent if necessary.

With eStubs, you can email pay stubs through Outlook or SMTP. If eStubs encounters any employees with missing email addresses, eStubs will alert you to that fact.

After running a payroll schedule, an eStubs extract file is created. This extract file contains detailed payroll and address information, leave balances and control table information for Earning, Deduction and Department codes. You are then able to process the payroll extract file and send emails to all employees who elected to participate.

"We want to tell you how pleased we are with the eStubs application. Your software engineers put in an amazing amount of work in the design, testing and fine-tuning of this system and the product is exactly what we wanted! The screens are quite nice-looking, yet simple and easy to use, and the stubs themselves are very attractive. The instruction manual is also very straightforward and easy to understand. Your attention to detail really shows. eStubs is absolutely perfect and we want you to know how VERY much we appreciate it."
Sam Normandia
Dyanna Malzahn
Martha Spencer

Pueblo International

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